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I’m not generally a voyeur. Private space is private space. But one incident from long ago keeps coming back to me. We were staying at my in-laws’ beach place, back temporarily from a job overseas. Next door was a  place where evidently a house party was in full swing that weekend. We’d seen the couple who owned the place a few days before – they were in their late twenties, perhaps, or early thirties; he was pleasant and, I thought, probably not in the least dull even though that’s how he came across; she was a trim little brunette with a more vivacious manner.

They said they hoped we wouldn’t be disturbed by the house party they planned that weekend, since our two houses were close together. Several people would be staying for a couple of nights.

Well, it was no trouble at all. They were in party mode but not too loudly. And they were mostly around their pool, on the other side of the house.

But on the Sunday afternoon I got a shock. I was washing the dishes in the kitchen when a  movement caught my eye. I looked. The door to the bathroom at the end of the veranda at the other house was open and by some quirk the mirrors in there were reflecting into the big mirror on our kitchen wall, through a gap in the shrubs that divided the two properties.

The woman was in there, towelling herself dry, evidently after taking a shower. Then she slipped on a little black string bikini, hung the towel over her shoulders and started tidying her hair.

Then I saw her eyes widen. She looked surprised. She said something to someone who had evidently come into the bathroom. Then she started brushing her hair again. It was full-bodied and slightly wavy, and an attractive shoulder length.

Suddenly the towel was whisked from her shoulders. She looked surprised again and turned round, saying something.

Two hands reached round to her back, undid her bikini bra, pushed it up and over her head, excited her nipples with it and dropped it on the washstand. She had lovely little upturned breasts, lightly suntanned, with pink nipples. She said something again.  I thought it was “Stop it!” Then she looked down and her eyes got suddenly hot. Her licked her lips. Her nipples hardened and rose.

The hands pinched her nipples. They got even bigger and harder. Her eyes acquired the smoky haze of lust.

The hands moved to her hips and lifted her up onto the washstand. She was wearing a very tiny black bikini string. The hands untied one side of it and then the other. The front of the bikini fell, showing the top of what looked like a neat little bush. Then it was ripped away. I saw she had her light tan all over.

She had a neatly trimmed little vee of dark hair and a manicured but still furry pussy. It opened as I watched, pink and lusciously wet, parting her hair wide.

I became hotly aroused instantly.

She leant back against the mirror and drew two fingers through her slit, then put them in her mouth to taste herself. She licked her lips again. Another hand went to her pussy and did the same, then disappeared. Whoever it was who was suddenly in the bathroom with her was tasting her too.

Then she said something again – I think it was probably “aaahhh …!” – when the hands firmly pushed her legs apart and a thick and very urgent cock swiftly penetrated her in one slow, slick thrust.

The cock began doing her quickly and powerfully. She closed her eyes, embraced the cock’s owner and moved forward onto the cock, and then matched its urgent thrusts. They did each other – his urgent cock and her hot pussy – for about a minute and then she came. I think it was noisily. It was certainly for a long time. Then the big, rock-hard cock suddenly withdrew and shot three huge spurts of cum into the little vee of hair, across her tummy and onto her breasts.

I put my hand in my panties and masturbated while I watched them eating each other with their mouths. Then I came.

It wasn’t her husband.  He’d left the house a little earlier with others of the house party.


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